Job offers

Postdoctoral fellow position

We offer a 1 year (plus 1 year) postdoctoral fellow position in the Group of Physics in Economics and Social Sciences at Faculty of Physics, Warsaw University of Technology, starting on 1st January 2024, in the research project Information overload in multilevel agent-based complex networks financed by Excellence Initiative – Research University Programme POSTDOC IV and directly connected to an EU HE MSCA Staff Exchange project OMINO ( coordinated at WUT.

Position scope:

Successful candidate is expected to work toward understanding the collective phenomena related to the dissemination of information and information overload (IOL) at different levels (including the issue of interactions between levels produced by IOLs) using interdisciplinary methods of statistical physics – agent modeling and complex network analysis. Various scenarios leading to IOL will be considered, and emphasis will be placed on the identification of microscopic factors responsible for emergent phenomena in social networks, as well as on the basis of the developed models, possible countermeasures will be proposed to eliminate the occurrence of IOL. In particular, the project plans to identify potential precursors of IOLs using linear response theory and study the dynamic coupling between IOLs and the network structure. The expected results of the project are to propose methods and scenarios of counteracting IOL in the event that the considered structure is a specific real system, e.g., a social network or relations between workplaces in a company. The postdoc will be supervised by Prof. Janusz Hołyst and co-supervised by Dr. Julian Sienkiewicz (see Our Team for Group members description).

What we require:

  • non-Polish citizenship (please note that this requirement is mandatory due to programme conditions, all applications from Polish citizens will be rejected without assessing scientific merits),
  • ability to start the post no later than on 1st February 2024,
  • Ph.D. in physics, mathematics or related discipline, defended between 2020 and 2023,
  • at least 3 scientific articles published or accepted in journal from the JCR (Journal Citation Report) list,
  • in at least 2 of above-mentioned the candidate has to be the main author (the first author, the corresponding author or candidate’s importance should be clearly mentioned in the “contribution” section of the paper)
  • at least 1 paper need to be appear in journals listed in the first quartile (Q1) of JCR or Scopus list,
  • at least 3 oral or poster presentations at international conferences and workshops
  • good knowledge in area physics of complex networks and agent-based models,
  • ability to perform computer simulations and data analysis in such programming languages as Python, C/C++, R, Java, Rust (at least 2 different languages are required),
  • fluency in English that enables efficient communication, presentations during international conferences and writing scientific articles

What we offer:

  • 12-month full time employment at the third best university in Poland with strong possibility to extend it by the next 12 months after a positive evaluation,
  • ca. 8000-9000 PLN net monthly enumeration (ca. 1800-2000 EUR) [see information below about average costs of living in Warsaw]
  • public health insurance for the successful candidate and their family,
  • no obligatory teaching duties,
  • a new desktop PC and laptop,
  • an access to Group’s computational server (EPYC 7542, 128 threads, 384 GB RAM),
  • cooperation with the interdisciplinary scientific community represented by recognized scientists (see Our Team)
  • possibility to present research results at international conferences (funds for 2 international conferences per year),
  • possibility of up to 3 months of visits to the Partners of the EU HE MSCA Staff Exchange OMINO Project (see Our Projects and,
  • a possibility for a tenure-track position at the Faculty of Physics after the completion of the postdoc post

In order to apply please send an email to janusz.holyst(at), not later than 8 October 2023. The application should include:

  • a scanned copy of candidate’s Ph.D. diploma,
  • a cover letter, explaining reasons to apply for this position,
  • a CV,
  • a list of publications and presentations at international conferences – please indicate your contribution in each of the papers,
  • names of at least two experts that could provide reference letters for the candidate

Selected candidates will be invited for an online interview. Successful candidate will be informed about the outcome of evaluation by 31 October 2023.

Additional information about costs of living in Warsaw:

Warsaw is the capital of Poland, so in principle it is one of the most expensive cities in the country but living in Warsaw is still much cheaper than in the majority of European cities. In general, a single person in Warsaw is able to cover all necessary expenses (flat, media, transport, food) with ca. 5000-5500 PLN per month. A typical cost of renting a 2-room flat (30-40 square meters) varies between 2000-3000 PLN, depending on the part of the city. Electricity and media (TV, Internet) are usually not included in the rent and have to be paid separately. The cost of the lunch in the vicinity of the main campus of WUT is ca. 25-40 PLN, while a monthly ticket for public transport is 110 or 180 PLN depending on the area of validity. Public health insurance is included in the post (this includes also admission to hospitals), however the medicines are paid separately.